Marine Metropolis

Busan 01
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Busan 9

The gorgeous coastal and dynamic city is another face of Korea that I don’t get to see often.  I could’ve just gone there on a whim, however I was saving the chance in order to experience the perfect ‘getaway’ in Busan.

What chance do you ask?  Well, have you ever seen a hotel and thought this was the key to make this getaway perfect? For years I have seen Instagram pictures of the Park Hyatt hotel in Busan with a killer sunset sea view and the iconic Gwangan Bridge.  Ever since then it was my bucket list to stay at this hotel and luckily enough I finally was able to collaborate with them this time round.  Shaped as a glass blade like structure and tucked away within the futuristic Marine like metropolis there were no words to describe how excited I was.

Every morning was welcomed by the sea view glistening under the sun and it got me energised to venture out and to see what Busan had to offer.  As it’s Winter and butt freezing cold, I decided to avoid the beach this time (hopefully can do a summer edition post in the future) and hit the local favourites like Centum City and downtown Nampodong where the festive spirit seems to have sprung to life.  My personal choice however is Gamcheon Cultural village.  I visit this multicoloured maze every time and it never gets old.  When I came back to the hotel, the host gifted me the opportunity to relax in their friday evening lounge where I got to kick back, enjoy a variety of cocktails, and listen to the soothing live jazz singer caressing the air with his soulful voice while indulging myself with the panoramic view of Gwangan bridge sparkling throughout the wintry night.

Just you wait Busan.  I’ll come back for you again in the summer.

What are your favorite places to visit in Busan?  Or do you have a place you have always wanted to visit?  Would love to know!

*Huge thanks to Park Hyatt Busan for making this getaway a special memory.

5 Comments on “Marine Metropolis

  1. This is my first time visiting your blog. The pictures are really well shot, and have some of my favourite places (Gamcheon in partiular).

  2. Hi Ken! I’m so happy to see an update in your blog. I miss seeing your classic textured, artistic yet refreshing photos. Like what I always say, your photos have characters.

    I haven’t been to Busan but most of the Korean drama I watched featured some of its scenic posts. I always associate Busan with water, particularly the sea. Also, my view of Busan has always been limited to the fishing industry and the residential community. I haven’t seen and thought of it from the urban side or the view from the hotel. The last photo was perfection.

    Wishing you all the best for 2018!

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