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22 Comments on “Follow Me & Contact

  1. Actually, in mid-April I will be heading down to Gwangju to check out a half dozen abandoned schools scattered throughout the area from Damyang to Naju, if you’re interested.

  2. Really enjoyed looking at your photos. Great pics… just wondering, what kind of camera do you shoot with? I’m trying to improve my photography skills, since I am a beginner.

  3. I just discovered your blog and I have to say that I absolutely adore your posts and your pictures are beautiful! In fact, I like your blog so much that I spent the entire night reading it (although I was supposed to sleep haha). Your photography progress is amazing and you speak in a relate-able tone! I noticed you had a Canon 400D before you got your Canon 5D mark II, was it hard to adjust from an “amateur” camera body to a professional body? I currently use the Canon 1000D and I’ve been debating for some time whether I was ready to switch to full frame or not.

    • Hello, thank you so much for the comment! It’s great to hear I can bring joy to others and it’s very encouraging! In terms of difficulty of switching to a professional body, I had no problems with it at all…i was very nervous at first but once i felt ready it was not a question at all. If you feel like your pictures deserve a better camera body then go for it! A 5d mark2 i can say is a lifetime investment…now i know for sure I don’t need to by or upgrade to another camera so yea that burden is off my shoulders. ^_^

      • That’s great to know! I am going to start saving up for a full frame now : ) Also, what lens do you shoot with? I feel as if it’s so hard to be satisfied, we always want better lenses, better camera bodies, better equipment. I’m trying to switch my mindset so that I make the best with what I have.

  4. Hello! I’m really glad I found your blog. It has the aesthetic appeal and cultural background I’ve been looking for. Thanks for sharing all of your colorful experiences! I might have missed this information from your blog but I was wondering what program did you work for teaching English? There are several to choose from and it’d be nice to know of one that was reputable to keep in mind! Thank you!

  5. I found this blog while building an itinerary for my Seoul trip later this year. Just want to say your pictures are amazing!

    I read your post on this Galbijjim place “Maeundae” and would like to know if you can provide instruction on how to get there from Hongik Station? Planning to put it in our itinerary. Many thanks!

  6. You’re so talented! Loved your photos! I’ll definitely check your blog more often. I’m going to Seoul next year for vacation and I can’t wait! ^^

  7. Hi Ken~! came across your blog when looking for “Pabingsu” HAHAHA.
    Love your pics, it’s awesomeee! ^^
    Not sure if you’ve been to the Korean Culture Village (한국민속촌) in Yongin, Gyeongido but if u have not, think it’ll be great spot for pictures (all my fav pic taken there heh :P)
    Have fun & I’ll looking forward to all your pretty yummy looking pictures~! ^^

  8. hi Ken! I came across your blog and my desire of visiting Korea has fired up again after seeing your snaps.. 🙂

  9. Wow…! It brings my memory back when I was traveling Seoul. I’ll share your blog with my friend who is from Seoul so she can see her hometown with your perspective.

  10. Hi, you said that you took the pixtures using s4 and I really love it. I use s4 and i really want to know where do you edit your pictures

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