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Ken Lum Lee was born and raised in London, UK. A Marketing Business major and a photographer wannabe, Ken decided to leave the UK to seek more colour and seasoning in which the world can offer, hence the blog started.  A coffee and oreos addict and a lover of all things unique and weird.  Currently a Brand Ambassador for Nespresso.

Ken has been featured in popular media outlets such as The Huffington Post, TimeOut Seoul, Allkpop, and the Instagram blog.

E-mail: ken.ssomind@gmail.com

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Twitter : SeoulStateMind

34 Comments on “About Blogger

  1. Hi! I’m planning a trip to Korea and just found your blog looking for some information. Your photographs are amazing!!! I intend to capture the beautiful landscapes of Korea.. but I’m a beginner in photography… this blog will help me a lot.. thanks!!!

  2. Hi there!~
    Stumbled across your blog yesterday and can’t stop reading and looking at all those wonderful pictures! I’ve been to Korea twice and stayed for 3 month each time. Love the country, the people, the nature – how different it is from Europe and how much fun I had while being there. And I love your pics which make me reminisce about all that!
    So thank you for opening your blog to the public! ^^

  3. hai, i always follw your blog. i think your blog very interesting and one day i hope i can visit Korea. Anyway, if you come to Malaysia, don’t forget to contect me…:)

  4. love your photography..too good.. i am glad that i will be able to travel the country thru ur lens…hope to come there someday..:-)

  5. Wow, your site looks fantastic, I’m just starting out to flex some of my photography skills and novice blogging. Keep up the good work, very inspired and very creative. Thanks! Jason

  6. Hello Ken! Just some questions to ask regarding teaching! I understand that Korea mostly employ native speakers, so even though you grew up in the UK, you obviously do not look like a Caucasian, are there any difficulties when securing a job teaching English in South Korea?

  7. Incredible pics.. I was so hungry after watching the food pics :-d

  8. Hi
    I like your blog layout and photos.. Very simple and Its not boring….For me it is inspiring..Love your photos.
    Waiting for more seoul stories and photos…
    Thank you..

  9. Hi Ken!
    greeting from Dubai.

    first of all..Superbbb!! amazing snapshot!! 🙂
    I just stumble upon your blog just now in mr google. everything is simply speak by itself. no word required. the picture gallery managed to told us the stories. make me miss Seoul and Korea more.
    can’t wait to see more new update post!!

  10. Oh… Emmm…Geee Your pics are AWESOME! I feel like I’m there, they feel so alive! I would love to go to Seoul one day… I just found your blog because I’m trying to learn more Korean.. You’re a really good blogger!

  11. The pictures are awesome..hope you don’t mind but what camera was use to shoot these beautiful pictures

  12. Hi Ken!
    found your blog on midnight while I was listening to “you raise me up” by josh groban. somehow I dropped a tear! why? your posts are just marvelous wish I could visit korea one day and try to take pictures the way you do and visit all the places you recommended. you captured korea in a way that everyone will fall at once for it! I really enjoy spending hours on your blog. Thank you for sharing such a amazing and dazzling photos with us. Hope your family will stay healthy for ever and wish you success in you personal life and career life. thank you again.

  13. Breathtaking, just found your blog! Having been adopted from Korea, I’d love to go back some day but maybe I should make it sooner than later!??

  14. Hi Ken. The picts are really amazing. What camera do u use? Your work is an amazing art.

  15. Hi!! I was searching for a blog about Korea, and thank god I got this blog!!! I loved it a lot!!
    The pictures are awesome!!! I enjoyed your stories!! Gonna read it daily!!

  16. your blog is awesome, i’m traveling to Korea in October, very excited to check some of the places you have posted about 🙂

  17. Hi
    I love your pictures.
    I’m thinking of going for a trip in korea for 1/2 weeks. I can’t speak korean though
    so would this be ok? and if you can advise me about how to make the best of the trip, I would be really grateful.

  18. Hi, I discovered your blog a while ago but I can’t be tired of your photos. They are amazing.
    You create a special atmosphere with the colors and the landscape.
    It’s always a pleasure to visit your page.
    Thanks a lot for sharing your work,

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