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Hey guys, it’s been a loooooong while. I hope you’re not too mad? I’m just recovering from an injured ankle…and well after getting 100s of needles put in me I would say it’s healing well, but it’s still too slow. So there’s this new phenomenon in Korea called the “Smombie” “스몸비”. It’s basically a Konglish contractual word between ‘smartphone’ and ‘zombie’. It is where people are not looking where they are going because they are too busy on their phones. So, yeah because of that I injured my foot and now….well…I’m on a cast and got a 20 minute lecture from the doc about the dangers of the smartphone. ZZZzzzz

Anyways I also wanted to share that in celebration of Conrad Seoul’s 5th Anniversary I was lucky enough to experience their “Stay Inspired at Conrad Package” that they are currently running on this month only. The package includes an array of entertainment benefits and hotel exclusives promoting the theme of ‘a journey to the Conrad Seoul. Adding to the fun elements of travel I was presented with their own ‘Conrad Passport’ and ‘luggage tag’, which are specially designed for the 5th anniversary.

I thoroughly enjoyed the discounts and coupons that the Conrad Passport provided for many restaurants and cinema at the IFC Mall located just below the hotel. However my favourite part was the ‘100% sure win scratch card” and I manage to win skin products from Aesop. Definitely useful for this cold and dry fall climate!

It’s my second time staying at the Conrad Seoul and it’s such an amazing place for a little staycation. With the ‘Conrad Passport’ it really feels like I’m going on a journey with them while being inspired by the beautiful views of Seoul cityscape from the hotel.

If you would like more details for this awesome package from Conrad Seoul click here. Remember the offer lasts until November 31st so hurry!

Remember to stay inspired!

And be careful of the “스몸비”! Otherwise the only inspiration you’ll get is a cast and needles put on your head. You’ve been warned~

2 Comments on “Stay Inspired

  1. yeash, waaaaayyyyy toooo loooong. Not mad, just happy that you are back, although I am still following your IG feeds since ur first times. 😀 😀
    hope ur ankle is fully recovered. 🙂

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