First of all I want to say WOAH, these past two months has seriously has been by far the most busy and the best fun I ever had…and we’re only two months into the year!  All I can say is thank you for the endless support!

I was walking through Ewha Woman’s university and just fell in love with the prestigious architecture and the western touches. Check it out if you ever visit Seoul~

Next month is also the official instameet and due to the amazing turnout from October i’m strongly considering organizing another one…though nothing official yet.  Please stay tuned ^^.  There will be many exciting insta-collabs this February and March so make sure you follow me on Instagram!

Oh and happy belated Lunar New Years!  I’ve gained so much weight for eating so much! Eat well, live well everyone!

Unlocking Jeju


I went to join with Mr.C once again in Jeju Island.  I have mentioned Mr.C once before and for those who don’t know who he is, I consider him a wise friend and also an important peer.  His knowledge and experiences in life is nothing short of incredible and he always have great stories to tell and lessons to teach…like this time on how to find dolphins in the Jeju sea.

It kinda’ feels like being in the Karate kid, but rather learning about kicking ass, I am being given keys to unlock secrets to Jeju culture.  Everything he says is so valuable and so culturally enriching!

Anyways the lesson learnt here is that when you travel, try to meet with many types of different people and sometimes do things which are out of your comfort zone.  You never know who you might bump into…they might even give you valuable knowledge and experiences that only a local can give.

Tied The Knot


…not really…I’m still far too young 😛

Though not long a go one of my colleagues were kind of pressuring another colleague in her 30s to get married.  Then he turned to me and said I should also get married as soon as possible…hahaha sure thing, will do it tomorrow in fact…then what?

However if I was to get married at the Conrad Hotel I probably might consider tying the knot tomorrow.  I really need to give Conrad Seoul an applause for hosting such a beautiful show, ‘Design Your Modern Heritage Wedding’ at their hotel in Yeoido.  As well as being in one of the most luxurious venues in Seoul, Mimsie and I were gawking over Conrad’s reinterpretation of a traditional wedding in the modern era.

Just like the rest of the world, I really do love Korea’s traditional Hanbok.  The designs are so simple yet so graceful and Lee Il Soon (of Kumdanze Hanbok), the designer and star of this show took that dramatic simplicity and made an eye opening collection which bursts with traditional yet modern flavors.  The dark, but warm ambiance, and the classic Helena flower arrangements really made the show feel like an actual wedding.  I just wished the show lasted a little bit longer T_T…though I guess it reflected Korean weddings in reality as the wedding ceremonies here are quite quick compared to the west.

Anyways thanks again to Conrad Seoul for such a beautiful afternoon!

Maybe itching a little to tie the knot now…


Star Trek


Howdy howdy howdy! It seems like forever since I did a full proper post.  Just came back from Hong Kong yesterday and was so inspired by the architecture I thought it was time to finally post up Seoul’s own finest attempt at being unique….sarcasm much?

What looks like an fusion of a spaceship from Star Trek and a metal blob, the Dongdaemun Design Plaza is not only home to Seoul Fashion Weeks but it’s also what I consider a photographer’s playground.  Its curves, lines, and squares give a photographer infinite variations and possibilities.  As well as photogenic, the DDP also host unique exhibitions and important launch gatherings, hence it’s an important structure for media events.

What I love about the DDP is when it lights up at night.  It really looks like you are in a set of a futuristic movie.  Its flickering lights and LED rose garden surely makes the DDP an eye opener for visitors.  However if I am totally honest, if I wasn’t into photography or instagram, like most members of the public, I might think this architecture will feel and look a little….random?

Thanks to Angela for not helping me up from falling down the stairs and taking pictures of me. ^^