Singapore: Marina Mandarin


Ever since my previous trip to Hong Kong I have become a bit of a sucker for architecture.  So when I was invited to Singapore by MigMe and Changi Recommends I was super excited to hear that I would be staying in the Marina Mandarin.

Aside the fact that the room view was the iconic Marina Bay Sands (what can be better?), I was actually more impressed by their interior design.  It is the type where it is almost impossible to find in Korea sadly.  The marble lounges, restaurants, pools, were all top notch however what I really loved about this hotel was their implementation of exotic plants, fountains and other water elements to their interior design.  They also had real life birds which chirped (cannot be heard in the rooms) across the open space giving the hotel an exotic botanical garden feel to it.

I remember I asked the receptionist about Singaporean transport and they really took their time explaining the bus routes and the subway system.  They were really helpful in making sure I can get most out of the experience in such a short time in Singapore.

Do check out their lunch specials which includes a range of cuisines from around the world.  Oh and do be careful their basket of Babybel cheese in the morning as Westerners will find it very different to what they are used to.

This may be a ‘sponsered’ post n’ all…but you all know here (if you’ve been with me long enough) that I either speak the truth or not say anything at all…so meh~

*A very big thank you to Marina Mandarin for their hospitality and exceptional service*