Seoul Slicker Pt.1


If you havn’t noticed on my Twitter and Instagram account, my oldest sister, Kit was in town! She went to Hong Kong for vacation as well as to promote her newly released book “Adorn”. So when she told me she will come by Seoul for some fun…I was UBER excited….not just for being with her…but for a marathon of photowalks and ummm shall I say a little friendly competition? Muahaa

I’ve literally been waiting for this moment for about 2 years…the last time I was with my sister, this very blog was just a baby year old, but now we have both have come a long way, career and skills wise… so what better way to do some sibling bonding than roam around the city with our huge ass DSLR and Instagram cameras?

For once it really is nice to explore a city with someone who has the same interest and passion as you do, it was quite a nice banter, constantly telling each other off for not capturing shots properly or complaining about the loss of Instagram followers…just wish I can meet that kind of person here when my sister leaves….any lifestyle/travel/Instagram obsessed photographers out there in Korea???
If you havn’t checked Kit’s awesomely popular blog, Style Slicker, check it out for some next level photography!


poo 04
poo 03
poo 02

Whoever came up with the idea of transforming the image of poop into a cute icon and a sell-able item deserves a sticker. I guess that’s the power of marketing for you. When studying Marketing during my uni days I secretly nicknamed my major as ‘the art of brainwashing’, because that’s what it really is. The ability to make people think that a worthless item is a premium necessity seems like such a cool skill back then. Being able to transform junk into money? Hellz yeah!

Well~ that all changed when I got here I guess. Koreans, I think are one of the best ‘passive’ marketers in the world, and by ‘passive’ I do not mean in the form of TV ads, but the use of popular idols through film, music and other various forms of media. You can clearly see just how they use them to seduce the public….so clever, so cunning…but at the same time…disturbing, especially with this issue I mentioned this issue before….business leaders of Korea, just….leave the kids alone, OK?

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut cute faces on poop and toilet mugs? I’ll buy that anyday~ Is it wrong to say that every time I see that cute poop, it brings a smile to my face? Imagine cute faces actually appeared on your poop in real lif…actually that’s a lil’ creepy. Let’s not go there~ Anyways kudos to this café for making good use of those horrid squatting toilets as plant pots. Whether it’s historical and cultural thing or not…all I can say is that whenever I see one in the bathroom…me is not a happy face, they all should just GO~

*Note*: the poo bread pictured is not available on the café menu but was bought outside.

How to get there?

Anguk station exit 6

Walk through Insadong culture street and enter the Samziegil outdoor shopping mall.  The cafe is located at the top floor next to the poo bread stall.

Han Riviera

hanriver 1

Now that the heat is kicking in, one requires an orbiting air conditioner wherever he goes. Until someone invents that shizzle I guess the closest to it will be cycling through the breezy and somewhat polluted air by the Han River.  
It is probably the peak season to cycle as the weather is so perfect! Although during weekends you will probably see a flock of couples and hordes of tents set up, which obstruct your view of the gorgeous Han Riviera. Excessive couples mean excessive tandem traffic…please be careful~ also refrain from using a chainsaw to cut down every single love abode blocking your path.

Having your own bike is not necessary as you can rent them at a cycling booth for as little as $3 an hour.  Cycling around 5.30pm will enable you to catch that jaw dropping sunset that you can’t really see from anywhere else in Seoul. Cycling whilst jamming to Akdong Musician’s album on my ipod brings this atmospheric ride to the next level…

…200% sure of that~





Oh oh oh the weather is finally picking up!  The warm air is now here and flowers have already started to bloom.  It’s time to get out of my cave and start actively shooting again.  So many exciting things have been lined up for April in which you will all find out soon enough.

This mural village in Gwangju (Gakhwadong-shihwa-maeul 각화동 시화마을) that I came across via Instagram was very interesting, and also it was a difficult place to shoot pictures as the paths were so narrow.  Oh and I swore I had trodden on someone’s piss while trying to shoot…beware of corners!  What was quite intriguing was that most of these paintings were drawn by students from universities.  Some paintings even shows you the history and culture of Korea.

Oh and to hayfever and yellow dust sufferers…take care and good luck this Spring. *Achoo!*