Dancing in the Rain


Yup, back again to participate this year’s Jeju Olle walking festival just like last year. Though, this time we were welcomed by continuous rain for six plus hours, boggy mud patches, and beautiful pruned toes.
Despite the gloom, it didn’t dampen the walking spirit at all. In fact the rain really put a whole new perspective on this exotic island. Every condition is an opportunity to capture something special. Don’t let the rain stop you from capturing unique and beautiful moments…even when you have pruned toes.


For more details on Jeju Olle Trails visit this informative website! All in English of course…duh~

*All pictures above were taken from Olle Route 19*

[Instagram] ~ Melodic March

Instamarch 1

[From left to right]

1.  Quirky cafes here, there, everywhere!  2.  Jjolmyeon and Kimbap  3.  Supermario is the fashion icon here, not G-dragon  4.  A van in a cafe?  5.  Not banana milk, but melon milk!  6.  Coffee by the balcony.

Instamarch 2

7.  In search for Polish ceramics  8.  Oreo cereal, only available in Korea  9.  Spring menu has arrived in cafes~ Berry mocha  10.  SNSDs Mr.Mr. ~ great song, terrible lyrics  11.  Kimchi Jiggae  12.  Unexpected independent cafe round the corner.

Instamarch 3

13.  Exploring the mural village in Gwangju  14.  Bossam feast!  15.  Cupcakes…expensive here  16.  The bear…  17.  All pumped and ready for Jeju Island18.  Morning dose of coffee.

Instamarch 4

19.  Sundubujiggae and Sundae kukbap all for $6  20.  Just you know…posing.  21.  End of Winter  22.  My sister’s book is out soon~ Adorn  23.  Multi-colored roof tops in Jeju  24.  Buy your cute Jeju olle ganse dolls!

Instamarch 5

25.  City of Seogwipo, Jeju  26.  Views never dissapoint when you are here…  27.  Canolas  28.  The most posh rice burger ever tasted  29.  Art and craft toy shop  30.  Duruchigi…so delicious!

Instamarch 6

31.  What’s great about the Jeju Olle course is that there is always a cafe nearby to take a breather  32.  Ohhh…food porn  33.  Using my skills for the Jeju Olle Volunteering organization  34.  This way?  That way?  35.  Goodbye Jeju  36.  Don-Gga-suh…or Money gas.

All i can say is good riddance to the nippy, butt biting cold air and fat goose feathered puffer jackets. Sun’s out, shorts out.  Cherry blossoms, canolas, mae-hwa, and azaleas have also all bloomed! April’s feed will be floral flollalalalalalalallal~

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Back in Jeju again!

However this time was not a taxi marathon to all of the tourist spots. Last year I participated as a volunteer for the Jeju Olle Organization, and I had such a blast I decided to officially join their inspiring cause and vision. And so this weekend was the official orientation…and boy it was a little intense….especially walking the whole of Olle course 6 (in which I realised I had only walked half of it last year). However it wasn’t all tiring. New friends, new colleagues, and great memories were made. I cannot wait to share with you all in the future of my experience as a volunteer for Jeju Olle.

Let’s get working!

[Travel Diary] Isolation Solution


Believe it or not, I actually went to Jeju Island by myself. It was also my very first time going on vacation alone…SCARY. One of the many reasons is to escape the reality and the stress from work and personal issues in which I will save you from reading. I thought ditching the friends behind (don’t kill me) would be a good opportunity for a little solitude and mental healing. The other reason was wanting to meet some Jeju natives! I was always curious and I heard a lot as to how these people differ from those living on the mainland. Oh and not to mention the other OTHER reason being Jim, from the Olle Trail Organization offering a full day tour of the Island. Secret hideouts known only to Jeju residents? I would be crazy to decline. However, having never travelled alone before….of course there were hesitations and fears.

But anyways, I did it in the end and excellent choice it was indeed! It was particularly surprising to see a lot of lone travelers coming all the way from Europe and Asia to experience the Jejuness just like I was. You really get a different perspective when going solo. I felt like I didn’t have to rush off to places just so that I could be on schedule. Rather than worrying about a group, it was just…all about me and my camera and thinking what kind of sceneries and weird objects my readers will be interested in seeing on this blog. It is particularly relevant when you come across places like the ‘art street’ of Jeju Island, called Lee Jung Seop Geo Ri ( all pictured above) in Seogwipo. I was quite overwhelmed with the amount of photo opportunities this place offered, to the point it took up almost one whole memory card. Cute, indie cafes, restaurants, craft shops, street performers, women with strange circular tattoos, flute players, and of course the famous Korean artist Lee Jeong Seop museum and house is located there too!

You know…I’m not sure if you can count this trip as a lonely vacation…I knew I would go slightly insane so I thought why not meet new people there instead? Hence I dedicated one morning in volunteering with the Olle Trail Organization called ‘Clean Olle’. Not only do you provide your services to the community but it was a fantastic way to meet Jeju natives. It was literally such an honour meeting these passionate people. I literally cannot wait to see them again *wink* *wink*~

I’d recommend a person who seeks unexpected adventures to go visit Jeju alone. At first the idea of going to Jeju by yourself may seem a little daunting at first. However once you muster up the courage and make yourself some positive aims, unexpected and surprising experience await for sure! The experienced I had this time round in Jeju was one of the best experiences I’ve had so far in Korea. Not only did I get my very own peace time which I craved for all month, but also have seen lesser well known phenomenons , learnt more about the history of Jeju, but met very valuable friends along the way ^^

group 1