Sakura Express


And boom, just like that. Like last year, that was how the cherry blossom season infected Korea with its lustrous beauty. Shorts, sunglasses are out, coats away, and couples flocking all over the place making out inappropriately whilst I try to study for the next Korean exam. This never usually ever happens but suddenly the impatient young’uns seemed to be more daring in the public eye~

I usually just bypass it but the other day I saw high/middle schoolers making out whilst holding and huffing and puffing a cigarette. I applaud them for their skills in multi-tasking, but I wouldn’t want to be making out with someone who smells and taste like ash residue from a cremated corpse. Ewck
Anyways~~~that aside, Spring just seems to cheer everybody up right?! Now that winter is gone it means more opportunities for travel, which means more content for this blog! Woop woop!

The above photos were taken at the amusement park by the Gwangju Art Museum. The ride I was on was um, well…the seatbelt was not stable and the cart kept rocking from side to side. Even though we were going at a snail pace my friend beside me kept squealing “아~~~어떻게!!!??”…Rather than scenes from The Notebook, let’s just say the scenes from the Final Destination movie kept reeling up in my head. Meh…I’m all up for a spring fling horror show~

Organic Fantasy

dadam 3

Although there are all these wise teachings about fighting heat with heat and cold with cold, I say screw all that and whip out that ice cream under the Sun.  Trust me, the risk in health will be worth it for this. I would especially like to introduce you to this amazing organic dessert café. So original yet traditional, and so yummy. What is so special about this dessert café is that their specialty, rice cake and other recipes are all homemade and organic. So none of those MSG, artificial crap that we usually find in foods these days.
Personal favourites: the pink cactus soft ice cream and green tea bingsoo (all pictured).  They are all make out-able.

Dadam cafe (다담) is quite exclusive to the city of Gwangju with only two branches. One being attached to the Gwangju Art Museum, and the other in central Gwangju, Geumnamro. If anyone finds a branch in Seoul, let me know?

The central city for Korean cuisine just never disappoints~

진짜 짱 맛있어


Fall Seoul State of Mind 003
Fall Seoul State of Mind 010
Fall Seoul State of Mind 004
Fall Seoul State of Mind 002
Fall Seoul State of Mind 011
Fall Seoul State of Mind 006
Fall Seoul State of Mind 008
Fall Seoul State of Mind 007
Fall Seoul State of Mind 009
Fall Seoul State of Mind 005

Despite the weather’s fine attempt of balls shrivelling chills and blizzards, the fall foliage of Korea still seems to be standing firm. These magnificent aligned tree path is the perfect setting for Fall season located just at the front gates of Chonnam University in Gwangju. So I heard that if you are a local, want to be cheap, and you cannot be arsed to travel 6 hours up to Nami Island’s famous aligned tree path, here is your best option! Well, Korea has many carbon copies of famous places all around the country and they can be just as photogenic.

Since the chilling wind in Korea is the equivalent of your mother putting you on house arrest, these days are mainly filled with endless trips to the café, gluttonising on bagels, and intoxicating myself with caffeine.  I cannot seem to ever study at home or the library. If it is toooooo quiet I start to get all fidgety and start catching up on continuous disappointing episodes of Glee. Now we hit December, the Christmas lights are now up and classic carols are playing in the background of every café. Oh…the festive spirit has come finally! I must admit I find it very entertaining sitting at a coffee shop trying to absorb as many Korean vocabulary as possible whilst sipping my coffee and looking outside the window catching couples re-enact famous scenes from popular dramas *fingers curl*….I’m not a kill joy or anything, but stop it! When will these people finally realise Korean dramas are not of romantic genre but of fantasy?


Gap Seoul State of Mind ~ Singing My Blues

seoul state of mind 005
seoul state of mind 001
seoul state of mind 008
seoul state of mind 004
seoul state of mind 006
seoul state of mind 002

Yup, I’ve done it…the white shorts are unleashed! Not completely wise as I tend to enjoy rolling over the grass and sitting on the sidewalk during the most inappropriate times. Yes I do admit it…I’m a bit like a sheep…I like to follow trends coz I can’t really dress myself if you hadn’t noticed yet, and I don’t intend to either. Just thinking about it gives me a fit of a headache…so why not let others do it for me? 😉

Working with Gap’s project have given me the opportunity to take something from their store and match it with clothes from my den. Doesn’t look too bad right? With Gap’s blue plaid shirt and white shorts it’s definitely an improvement compared the collection of hoodies and jeans.
Whilst you determine whether the outfit is hot or not…I’ll just stand at my little corner and sob over my last week at my all boys middle school…

Time has flown by…my boys have all grown up…and I’m not ready to leave just yet~


Massive thanks to Lorryn Smit for the outfit shots~