Golden Eye (기보배 Gi Bo Bae)


Wow my first high profile photoshoot! I’ve always been a crazy fan of the Olympics, and this year’s was no exception. I was particularly annoyed the Korean TV showed very little international coverage, as only South Korean athletes were extensively highlighted. Boo. I wanted to cheer Team GB on, and I must admit I do get a little over patriotic and start shouting at the immobile telly without noticing.

I remember watching a particular Korean Archer who won 2 gold medals. Maybe it was the sports’ fashion (it’s that damn hat for sure) but it really did make the athletes look more older and mature. Gi Bo Bae (기보배) also had that powerful ‘aura’ which made me really nervous before even meeting her. I thought gold medal winners will be very proud, and walk around like a noble monarch.

However she was the complete opposite. Born in 1988 Gi Bo Bae has one of the most easy-going and down to Earth characters I’ve ever known. She was just a ‘normal’ Korean girl. She already broke the ice and tension for me when she took us to the interview room and playfully shouting ‘야!’ at fellow young students along the way. She is really an explosion of playfulness, and humbleness…which makes me want to say “OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU LET’S BE BEST FRIENDS!!!!!”

This was the moment as well where I am so greatful and relieved to have learnt enough Korean to engage in a conversation with her. We ended up talking about my home city, London. She said she wanted to live there (yes please! Let’s be best friends). Ok I sound like a stalker now *ahemm*

I think what really made me in awe was her future goal. I though every athlete’s dream was to win the gold medal and then they can retire happily. Clearly not. She said she wanted to study Special Education so that she can train disabled children to be Paralympians. Praise.

Read the full interview here!
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London State of Mind


Well it’s been a few days now since i came back home to London and i’m already being welcomed back with the Tesco horse meat crisis, and a snow storm. Which means the whole city freezes, school closes, and train delays. Honestly i really missed the faster pace of life in Korea, so for a few days being back here, i was slightly in a foul mood.

London really isn’t as vibrant and energetic as Seoul or other cities, and the people are much more individualistic and conservative.

However it took a few days of settling in to really see the very grey yet classy London in a whole new shade.


Thanks to styleslicker for the body shots.

It’s so FLUFFY!


Who has seen ‘Despicable Me’?

[Jeju Island] Sunset Peak


Although you can witness amazing sunsets pretty much everywhere in Jeju Island, but the most popular spot is none other than the Sunrise Peak in the NOrth East. It’s really a no brainer as to why it’s called ‘sunrise peak’…apparently witnessing the sunrise and sunset here is unmatched.

Of course before witnessing a nature’s miracle, one must go through harship and climb this rocky beast…

It may seem like hell at first, but it’s seriously not too bad ^^ (this is coming from someone who hates hiking)…anyways above you can see the crater which is covered with natural green wildlife…don’t you just want to roll down that slope?


Oh well whether you want to go through with hiking all the way up just to see a sunset is up to you…no pain no gain right? ^^