Green Tea anyone?


Boseong green tea fields. Famous for…well…growing green tea! Shame it was pretty bad weather but the fields were beautiful none the less! The hike up the hill took a while and was pretty much hard work. BUT! it made the green tea shake taste twice as good! Green tea shake, green tea ice cream, iced green tea, green tea crisps, green tea biscuits…you name it, they have it! =D

Little red riding hood walks here…

It just goes on and on and on….


Boseong green tea hill is a famous attraction for couples. They like to write love messages on wooden posts….romantic? or corny? My opinion? well its better seeing chavs kill each other thats for sure!


I like his hat haha…and you can see the haunted temple behind him…


You can see a small village from the top of the hill….somehow it reminds me of quirky Dutch/Swiss cottages… mooo


FACT: It is believed that ALL Korean food can boost stamina. Kimchi gives stamina, green tea gives stamina, ddukbokgi gives stamina, chocolate gives stamina. stamina stamina stamina aaah!