Unlocking Jeju


I went to join with Mr.C once again in Jeju Island.  I have mentioned Mr.C once before and for those who don’t know who he is, I consider him a wise friend and also an important peer.  His knowledge and experiences in life is nothing short of incredible and he always have great stories to tell and lessons to teach…like this time on how to find dolphins in the Jeju sea.

It kinda’ feels like being in the Karate kid, but rather learning about kicking ass, I am being given keys to unlock secrets to Jeju culture.  Everything he says is so valuable and so culturally enriching!

Anyways the lesson learnt here is that when you travel, try to meet with many types of different people and sometimes do things which are out of your comfort zone.  You never know who you might bump into…they might even give you valuable knowledge and experiences that only a local can give.

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