Parkouring Pergola


I’ve always considered London being my home and it will always have a special place in my tiny, little heart chambers, but finding things to thrill me is not as simple as strolling through the park or holding up a peace sign in front of the Big Ben.  Finding hidden gems here is no easy matter, even if you live in the same area.  This is where having a fellow blogger as a sibling comes in handy!  My sister, Kit (a.k.a Style Slicker) took me to Pergola and the Hill Garden in Hampstead, North London.  I’m a little surprised as to why it is not listed as one of the most beautiful places to visit in London.  Local’s described this as a ‘paradise’ or a ‘local gem’ mainly because not many people know about its existence.  Strolling through muddy, damp patches is where the architectural beauty lies.    I decided to take advantage of this quiet space to do a little jumping cam whoring…

Credits to Style Slicker for the body shots

3 Comments on “Parkouring Pergola

  1. Great photographs. I lived in England for 6 years and I agree, there are endless hidden gems to explore and discover there. Thanks for sharing!

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